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Paddle Boarding Lake Champlain  

John Morrison, Sickle Couloir  

Waterfront Sunset  

Sunset from Waterfront Park, Burlington, VT

Cody Townsend skinning the east shore of Tahoe  

Cody Townsend nearing the summit after climbing through and above the inversion layer. It was incredible to be in this beautiful environment while others below thought it was an overcast day.

Jeremy Jones Observes Lake Tahoe  

Happy For Powder  

Face shots of cold, fine powder is addicting

Big Wave Bay  

One of the finest beaches in Hong Kong.

East Shore Magic  

Michelle Parker marveling at the beauty of her home, Lake Tahoe

Mason the Cat  

Throwing Stones For Tahoe Sunset  

Cody Townsend Hiking Amongst Snow Ghosts  

Cody Townsend hiking the backcountry of Hakkoda Ropeway amongst the "Snow Ghosts." Aomori prefecture, Japan

Brennan Lagasse East Shore  

Brennan Lagasse climbs the east shore of Lake Tahoe above Sand Harbor State Park

Michelle Parker EB  

Michelle Parker skinning up Emerald Bay

Mt. Mansfield, Vermont  

Cody Townsend, Lonely Chairlift  

Cody Townsend enjoying some alone time while spinning powder laps in Fukushima prefecture. As you can see, crowds weren't an issue